Agen Allwed Oct 26

Steve Sharp, Gary Kiely (CSS), Carmen (WCC)

This trip was to be my first taste of Southern Stream Passage in Aggy.
We all changed in Whitewalls and made are way up the tram road to Aggy, on route Gary realized he had forgot the Survey and less importantly the Key!!!!.
Carmen and I headed up to the cave entrance, Once Gary returned we made our way to the logbook and signed in.


We made our way through the entrance series and boulder choke into the impressive main passage. I have only visited this part of the Cave once during a trip to the Music room.


Once we had located the climb down to the start of Southern stream Passage we were on our way, Southern stream Passage is around 1600m of walking, stooping and crawling through the streambed, Carmen on the other hand found plenty of higher by passes, without the need to get wet!


Towards the end of the passage we had to search for a climb up into Priory rd, this led into some crawling and then into larger passage, after a while and a look at the survey we located the dig that led us to the fabulous Courtesan formation, this location can be easily overlooked, we all took some photo’s and then made our way back out the way we came in.


Carmen set off at supersonic speed and left me and Gary for dead!


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