Attborough Swallet

4 September 2008, Simon Moth, Steve Sharp

I have passed this cave on many occasions but had never paid a visit.
We arranged a trip for a Thursday evening, the weather over the mendips was dark and gloomy, and a storm was brewing overhead. Attborough Swallet has a small stream entering the cave, this made us slightly uneasy due to the weather conditions.
We decided to go ahead, the guide book mentions the use of ladders in various parts of the cave, we kitted up and made our way down through the entrance shaft, which had a fixed ladder.


We got slightly wet as we made our way through the first few small chambers but undeterred we carried on until we arrived at Cotham Hall an impressive Dolomitic Conglomerate 4m square chamber, from this point we made our way down to the small sump, the stream had partially filled in the route so a small amount of digging was required.


Our next destination was the Shower room and the Nasty Nasty crawl. At this point we noticed the water level slightly rising so decided to make an exit.


The return journey was sporting, the stream was now in full flow and similar to the wet way in Swildons. A climb back up the entrance shaft and we were met with a clear dark sky. The puddle in the road was now a lake.
A short and interesting trip.

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