Denny's Hole Oct 08

A good turnout of 6 on a hot day enjoyed not only Dennys hole,but all the small caves of the Crook peak ridge.Thanks to Chris of WSM museum for the geological & archaeological info, & to Colin for educating us about biospeleology.We cleaned LOADS of rubbish out of the caves,and for safety,removed the bit of tatty rope that has been dangling down the Dennys entrance for many years.Future visitors should bring a 15 metre handline.The caves are all totally dry so dont wear a fleece suit and roast like I did ! Cavers of larger than average build should not descend into Fox`s hole but stay on the surface to haul the skinny ones out again!We also visited Scraggs Hole,Supra scraggs hole,Pickens hole,Sandy cave & Supra sandy cave.The only difficulty with some of these holes is finding the enrances!

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