Eastwater Cavern Oct 23

Thursday 23 Oct
Simon Moth, David Holmes, Andy Brown, Steve Sharp
We all met up at 7pm Eastwater Farm
Tonight we were taking a crew from Weston super mare to the 13 pots.
We all headed down to the Cave entrance to find a torrent of water cascading down the entrance shaft.
Normally Eastwater entrance is dry; the water made things interesting it flowed down through the boulder ruckle completely soaking everyone.
As we approached the Traverse, Simon thought it would be better to stick to the round trip as some of the weston crew would probably get cold, so better safe than sorry.
The trip went very smoothly apart from Halleluiah hole which can be a challenge for the larger members of the group, we climbed back up to the Traverse and headed back to the boulder ruckle, by now the water had increased and getting out was a real epic.


Tom fighting the current


Simon having second thoughts

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