Gb Cavern Visit 19th Oct 2004

Time Underground: 3hrs
Date: 19th Oct 2004
Attending members
Chris Davies
Alan Gray

Chris Davies' first trip with the ACG into the cave. The entrance is a semi-tight climb down though a metal rimmed hole. Best approached by sitting and sliding. The initial tunnel is a triangular 5ft ish walk-able with a few 5ft & 15-20ft climb downs. Reaching a junction, turn left to find a very small hole which requires you to lay on your side and wiggle though. Turn right after then more triangular tunnels. Its not long before we reached the first waterfall which was dry on our trip. Its at this point we meet the stream running though the cave. The cave opens out to huge caverns some 100ft high, a quarter of a mile long, descending down further. Large formations on the roof and walls and floor. Large curtains and funny wiggly calcite formations. Moving down along the stream bed we meet with a natural rock bridge over the stream which provided a good staging point for the first set of photos. Next over the bridge to some impressive floor formations which look slippery but strangely are not and can be walked on safely. A ledge walk then moving further on down, taking shots looking up. Turning right we climb an imposing 15-20ft up, its not too hard and infact the hanging rock though you go under helps if you push your back on it to bring your legs up. An onward upward walk, turn right, then down again passing the 'cauliflowers' meeting our initial route and heading back out.


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