Goatchurch Cavern Nov 6

Goatchurch Cavern -

Simon Moth, David Holmes. Toni Sharp - Steve Sharp

A Thursday evening trip to Goatchurch Cavern and Sidcot Swallet

Despite the recent collapse, Goatchurch Cavern has a whole host of activities to try out, This was Toni’s fourth time in the cave so we voted her team leader, as we arrived at the cave entrance there were a two parties of about twenty people starting to make their way into the cave, we decided to reverse our order and go to Sidcot first.

David had always put off the Lobster Pot so tonight was to be an epic.
We made our way down through the cave watching David get increasingly anxious at each tight squeeze.

David comfortably slipped down the Lobster Pot with ease and surprisingly didn't take too long on the return. Fear of the unknown is a funny thing.

Anyway back up to Goatchurch

We stopped for a couple of pics of Toni and then she led us down through the Coffin lid to the Water Chamber, here we stopped for a quick look around and then the climb back out.



Simon opted for Jacobs Ladder a tricky climb out and something that quickly makes you realize Goatchurch is not quite the easy cave people make it out to be.
We opted to climb out up the Coal-Shute another tricky climb and then out through the tradesman entrance into a clear starry sky.

Once changed we had a drink in the Burrington Cafe and headed home.

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