Ofd2 Top Entrance My Little Photo Trip 10th May 08

Email permits were requested from the access person at the SWCC. Myself and a couple of ACG members walked up to OFD2, I staggered up as it was hot and I hate the heat etc. Once inside it was cool and the ACG members wandered off for a planned trip while I set about taking photos and having my own wander about, meeting various groups inside.

For this trip I used my little OLYMPUS u790SW with a mini tripod and a single flash, using a combination of Fireworks mode and NightMode which gives 4 sec exposure, the night mode allows the cameras own flash to be used for foreground filling in.



OFD2 Top Entrance, nice cool air flowing out, better then car aircon. Key access from the SWCC.


Inside, over the spoil heap and onto the mud flow. Looking into the cave.


1st Junction, to the left it leads to the BIG chamber near the entrance, which is BIG! To the right, or rather straight on leads to the shiny slipper boulder passageway, a right pain.


Looking back towards the entrance.


Moving further inwards I get to Junction #2 with another passageway heading for the BIG chamber. Photo Looking back to the entrance.


Passage to the Big chamber to my left, entrance behind me. I kinda like this one as the flash on the left has reached quite far, shame the flash on the camera to light for foreground has caused some orbs.


I head further in sticking between the red tape. Photo is looking back to way out and off to the right is the first passage to the big chamber.


Looking down passageway #2 to Big chamber with shadow.


In a high chamber looking back to were I was, looking towards the entrance. To my left is the passageway to 'Speedy Caver'.


Looking UP passage leading to Speedy Caver. This picture doesnt really show it but your looking up about 45/50deg.


Looking up in the high chamber.


This is the start of the annoying shiny boulder passage.


In the shiny bolder passage looking back to the high chamber etc.


I then got bored of photos and had a wander about.
Nice trip!

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