Paris Catacombs 16-17 June 08 - Chris Davies,6585.0.html - complete with pictures

The tail of root, Menacer and Cap'n Chris

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I was picked up at 6am and Cap'n Chris tore down the motorway at breakneck speed shooting out speeding cameras from the window. We park and I am root marched 1.3miles to Hatton Cross station were we board a tuby train for a 50min ride. We discuss some points about the trip, later I am told the women next to me had a shocked look on her face when the maps came out. We hop on the eurotube and finally we arrive in Gare Du Nord, Paris and stowed kit in some lockers while the Cap'n waited in a long line for Metro tickets.

Not long after we were magical transported underground, we needed to get safely past the point the police cought me last time so we steamed up to Porte D'orleans then right and right to Rue Sarrette were we could relax and Menacer could put on her wussy waders :wink: while the lads were just prepared to get wet in the watery bit.

We wade though the water, the roof gets lower, but its ok the floor gets lower too and the water gets higher. We head to the Marie Rose Room to see the Foxy Plaque.

Next we headed for Bysance then on to La Plage were we met a couple of local cataphiles who spoke very good English, who were please to see us exploring and very friendly, pointing out another exit and places to see. On the way out we stopped to look at the robot.

The next room was Le Cellier which is also called the Mushroom Room. The involves a little crawl. Note hands on the roof!

Onwards to the Lantern Room, part way we seam to take pictures of each other!

Finally we reach the Lantern Room, which way?

On route to the Ossuary we pass a well!

Finally we reached the Ossuary Crossroad. Menacer exits the crawl.

Cap'n Chris pops out after!

Next we decide to head for Round Pont but via a route described by the cataphiles we met as pretty, on the way we found the Feast Room.

Thats the bar and that's a skull Chrispy is pointing at!

Come on Menacer, we have to go!

Though the water…

Though The Round About. We are heading for a place to sleep now. The wall changes again. Ducting is found.

Ahh were here!

Down this passageway!

Finally we crawled into the Pharmacy Shelter. We stumbled about for a bit till I remembered the bits to find the sleeping room.

About 9pm, finally able to stop and rest for the night, we are in the usual sleeping room, I get sorted and start on my flameless heater to heat my chow. Cap'n and Menacer have pot noodles but forget something to heat the water in hehehe, however we try my sig bottle to heat the water and it works! Were knackered, and settle for sleep, however with my rhino snoring I keep myself and everyone awake all night. We plan to get up around 5am however wake at 6.30am instead and have to get up quickly and have some breakfast. Around 7pm were off! We need to get a move on so hammer on to Philibert Aspairt's Grave arriving at around 7.30am.

Back on the road and we pass a shaft Cap'n wants to climb… This is typical of an access shaft we use sometimes to get in or out.

Onwards to the Mineralogy Room for a 5 mins break then a quick look at the murals painted by trainee miners from the miner school nearby. Though the Sand Crawl, though the water and finally were out! Its about 10am….

We get changed and return via the Metro to Gare Du Nord for a sit down and a drink.

A crackling fast trip!

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