Pen Park Hole 19th June 08 by Steve Sharp

Clive Owen (Leader)
Duncan Hooper, David Holmes, Simon Moth, Dave Gosdend, Steve Sharp - (ACG Members)
Lucy Murawski

This was to be our first trip to this gigantic cavern located under Southmead within the city of Bristol
We met Clive Owen our leader for the evening at 7pm
The Cave is located within a small park next to a pub so changing is a little tricky or a strip show for others - (David Holmes)
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Clive opened the gated entrance and we climbed down the concrete entrance pipe through a small crawl to a small pitch with three staggered ladders, we then made our way through a couple of small chambers, Clive pointed out many crystal formations and various unusual rock formations, we arrived at the head of a 25m ladder pitch.
We rigged the pitch with three ladders and made our way down to the bottom of this enormous inclined rift.
The ladder was very awkward in places as it was very close to the rock, once at the bottom the view is breathtaking.


The bottom of the rift is covered with thick muddy boulders gently running down to the lake

2611840858_364d0c2246_m.jpg 2611840704_5a244eb324_m.jpg

The Lake has been dived within the last year to point where a boulder littered floor prevent any further progress
There is a way on across the lake if you like swimming and climbing muddy slopes to further passage.
After exploring the floor of the rift we made our way back up the pitch to a ridge where you can traverse across to a bird's eye view of the lake and ladder pitch.

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All in all it was a fantastic trip and another will have to be arranged in the near future for ACG members who missed out on this impressive trip.
Thanks again to Clive
ACG members donated £15 to Cave Rescue on behalf of Clive

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Pen Park Hole

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