Rods Pot To Bath Swallet Cross Over Trip Nov 13

Steve Sharp, Simon Moth, David Holmes

Now that the connection has been made the Rods Pot to Bath Swallet crossover trip is a great evening trip in Burrington Comb. We parked up at the Café and made our way up the steep hill to the caves.

We climbed down the Bath Swallet depression, the stream was in full flow and pouring down into the cave. Simon climbed down and pre-rigged Bath Swallet, he emerged from the cave soaked through to the skin and not amused that I had not helped him with the rigging much to Dave’s amusement.
We made our way over to Rods Pot and surprisingly there was no water in the entrance crawl, we made our way down to the main chamber, I decided to take a photo and much to my horror my tripod had fallen out of my bag, so I had to make do with balancing the camera on rocks!


We looked around for the way on and made our way down through the boulders to the connection point, we removed a couple of buckets of spoil, Simon rigged the rope and we all self life lined down the pitch. The bottom of the pitch and the crawl into Bath Swallet was thick with mud and the stream was making sure we all got completely wet.

We then arrived at the bottom of the climb up into Bath swallet Main Chamber, and once up, we had a good look around. The chamber looks like it has huge potential for a discovery and is currently being dug. The steam bed shows signs that plenty of water has passed through over time.


We free climbed up the first pitch to our previously placed ladder, water was cascading down the pitch. Once on the ladder the water poured down your back around your neck and was refreshing to say the least.
We all had a good laugh at Dave who emerged last and seemed to have almost drowned.


Once we had rolled up the ladder, we emerged in the cold night air to the walk back home.
A brilliant trip and one we will soon repeat.

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