Star Shaft 3 July 08 by Steve Sharp

Simon Moth - Steve Sharp - David Holmes - Dave Gosdend

An evening trip to practice SRT
we all met at 7pm, David Holmes arrived slightly later and insisted we all moved our vehicles forward, David moved my Van for me and in a fit of rage snapped my ignition key in half.
We all got changed and headed up to the Shaft

2648935367_97fa4c591b_m.jpg 2648935881_023b111839_m.jpg


Simon headed down first to rig the shaft and set up deviation's


Once at the bottom we headed to the second pitch, once rigged we made our way down to the lower levels, unfortunately this part of the mine was flooded, last summer the water levels were low enough for us to explore the lower levels.
There are still re-minants of the miners tools here - (Look but don't touch)

Simon was getting tired at this point so we headed back up to the main Shaft

2649768542_d0234c0fca_m.jpg 2648936169_276c64e119_m.jpg 2648936351_c9e7313302_m.jpg

Once changed we headed up to the Crown for a beer

A good practice trip

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